Through Brandmark I work directly with Lee and the retail stores to ensure they have the best possible training and merchandising throughout their stores!

I work with Lee on a daily basis by contacting stores, processing orders, creating new merchandising and training materials and preparing for our annual trade shows. 

And most importantly delivering margin, volume and innovation to Irish retailers. 

director & agencies manager


We are delighted to announce our newly renovated showroom located in Dublin's Fashion City. This new showroom serves as a retail space for our new upcoming collections and an in house pop up shop for both Secrid Wallets and Cluse Watches. Our new showroom also houses our new office space, as well as an updated meeting area. We are very proud of this achievement and we look forward to welcoming both new and existing clients to our new showroom. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM with no appointment necessary.

gayle Heritage


Business Development assistant

Brandmark agencies is a leading contemporary menswear and accessories brand agency in Ireland. We work with a number of brands, most of whom we have introduced to the Irish market. Our products are based out of Denmark, Australia & The Netherlands and are made to the industry's highest standards.

Through Brandmark I work directly with designers and brand planners to ensure I have the best possible offering to Irish retailers. I am constantly researching the latest key trends in menswear & accessories to keep my brands on the cutting edge of fashion & lifestyle developments.

On numerous occasions, I have assisted in the development of the brands I represent new key growth areas. I have done this by providing industry expertise on essential products & details and providing an established customer base for this product post-development.

My products are based out of Denmark & The Netherlands. My aim is to deliver a high-quality product with an excellent retailer margin through consistent supply channels.

Depending on the brand I offer both in-stock in season, buy in advance & never out of stock (NOS) programs, because of this I always have something fresh to show potential customers.